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Lies of P: all outfit and mask locations

Find new attires for your character in Lies of P

Lies of P has numerous costumes that you can find as you journey through its grim world. These are just cosmetic items: they won’t alter your stats, and they mostly change how your character looks.

Our guide discusses all outfits and masks in Lies of P. Bear in mind that there are different methods of acquiring these rewards. Likewise, since you’re roaming the city of Krat, you might as well search for other collectibles, such as gestures and records. Lastly, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

How to get outfits and masks in Lies of P

 A player receives an outfit and emote from an NPC in a wheelchair.
A player stands along a cliffside area with a grand hotel in the distance.
 A player is in a dimly lit room with a triangular symbol on the floor.
A character wearing a donkey mask succumbs to his wounds.
A player battles a Stalker enemy known as the Robber Weasel.
 A player talks to an NPC named Test Subject 826.

In any case, these are the Lies of P costumes that we've found so far. If we're able to discover more, we'll update our guide accordingly.