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Early on in your time a Midnight Sun’s Abbey, Agatha Harkness will summon you out the back and into the woods. There you’ll find a slightly ruined altar called the Elemental Altar or Agatha’s Altar. Agatha will tell you that it needs to be restored by finding the four Elemental Rods hidden somewhere around the Abbey grounds.

Finding all of them will give you a Moon Seal, which you can use to complete a new Blood Trial, get a new power, and unlock more of the grounds to explore. We’ll tell you where to find all four rods, and in what order to place them.

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Water Rod location - Midnight Suns

This rod is the easiest to spot because it’s a location you’ll go past quite regularly.

Out the back of the Abbey, to the left of the training grounds, there is this natural pool where the heroes occasionally hang out. If you look under the bridge where the water flows out of the pool, you’ll see the Water Rod waiting to be found.

Air Rod location - Midnight Suns

For this rod, you’ll need to go out the back of the Abbey again, but this time over the river and north of the altar. You’ll find yourself in a place called the Whispering Woods, and if you run along the western edge you’ll eventually find a path that takes you around onto a little outcrop. On the edge of the cliff, there is a small plinth with the Air Rod sitting on top of it.

Fire Rod location - Midnight Suns

This is a deceptive rod, as it’s hidden inside the Abbey, but in a place that you probably don’t visit very often. On the southern tip of the Abbey, past the barracks where all the heroes have their bedrooms, there’s a small chapel. On a plinth by the windows, you’ll find the Fire Rod.

Earth Rod location - Midnight Suns

For this rod, you need to go back to where it all began, which is to say, your tomb.

Leave the abbey through the front this time and take the path that branches down to the south into the area called Hunter’s Folly. There you’ll find the tomb where The Hunter was revived at the start of the game, although it will be locked. Use your “Open” spell on the door to get inside, once there, look in the corner to the left of the door and you’ll find the Earth Rod.

Placing the Rods - Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns Agatha's Altar

Once you’ve got all four rods you can head back to Agatha’s Altar and start placing them, but they need to be placed in the right positions. There are no consequences for getting it wrong though, so feel free to do this by trial and error.

Still, if you want the solution then, from left to right, the order is Water, Air, Earth, Fire.