Minecraft 1.21 patch notes: everything new in the Tricky Trials update

Full patch notes for Minecraft 1.21, also known as the Tricy Trials update
Tricky Trials Update
Tricky Trials Update / Mojang

It’s been a long wait, but Minecraft 1.21 is finally released today for both Java and Bedrock editions. Dubbed the Tricky Trials update, this version of the game centers around the Trial Chambers, a new underground structure that contains a series of procedurally generated challenges for cool loot.

There are a lot of extra bits coming with it though, so we’re covering everything new added in Minecraft 1.21 so you know what to look out for when you load back into your worlds. This comes shortly after Minecraft had its 15th anniversary, and you can check out our feature on Minecraft's influence over the last 15 years.

Trial Chambers – Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft Trial Chamber
Trial Chamber / Mojang

As we said, the Trial Chambers are the big ticket item for this update. They can be found underground below Y-level zero. They have a variety of new Tuff and Copper block variants, but more importantly, they contain unique spawners that spawn waves of enemies for you to defeat. Defeating them will spawn some loot, which has the potential to drop a vault key, which can be used on a vault block to get even more loot.

The Breeze – Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft Breeze
Breeze / Mojang

A new mob that’s exclusive to the Trial Chambers, the Breeze is a windy version of the Blaze. It jumps and glides around the map and shoots projectiles that cause a burst of wind to push anything away in the area where it lands. Killing them will drop Breeze Rods, which are important for another new item.

The Bogged – Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft Bogged
Bogged / Mojang

Another new mob, this is a scary variant on the Skeleton which can spawn in Trial Chambers and Swamp biomes. Like all skeletons, they shoot arrows, but these are poison-tipped arrows, making them a surprisingly dangerous foe. That said, they also come with mushrooms on their head, which you can use shears on to obtain if you’re bold enough to get close.

The Mace – Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft Mace
Mace / Mojang

The Mace is a new weapon in Minecraft 1.21 which you can craft from a Breeze Rod and a Heavy Core, which only drop from Ominous Vaults. This is a unique weapon that does more damage depending on how far you’ve fallen from above your target and can be enchanted with effects that let you combo attacks and negate fall damage.

New enchantments – Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft Dense Enchantment
Dense Enchantment / Mojang

Three new enchantments can be added to the Mace:

  • Breach 1-4 – Reduces the effectiveness of armor on the target by 15% per level
  • Density 1-5 – Increases damage dealt per block fallen when wielding a Mace by 0.5 hearts per level
  • Wind Burst 1-3 – Emits a wind burst when using the Mace’s smash attack, launching the user upwards

New potion effects – Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft new potions
New potions / Mojang

Several new potion effects have been added as craftable potions and effects mobs in Trial Chambers can spawn with:

  • Oozing – An Oozing mob/player will spawn two Slimes on death
  • Infested – An Infested mob/player has a 10% chance to spawn 1-2 Silverfish when injured
  • Weaving – A Weaved mob/player will spawn 2-3 cobwebs on death, and can move through cobwebs faster
  • Wind Charged – A Wind Charged mob/player will create a wind burst effect on death

The Crafter – Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft Crafter
Crafter / Mojang

The Crafter is an item that allows you to set a standard 3x3 crafting recipe and craft it upon receiving a Redstone signal. It can be fed by items by Hoppers and Droppers, meaning that you can potentially create big chains of advanced auto-crafting if you’re good at Redstone.

New block variants and painting – Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft Cooper and Tuff variants
Cooper and Tuff variants / Mojang

Tuff and Copper now have new variants. Tuff can be crafted into Bricks, Polished, Stairs, Slabs, and Walls like all other types of stone, while Copper can now be crafted into Bulbs, Doors, Grates, and Trapdoors.

On top of this, 20 new paintings have been added for the first time in over a decade. They come in a range of sizes from 1x1 to 4x4.

New music discs, Smithing Templates, and Pottery Sherds - Minecraft 1.21

Minecraft 1.21 discs, templates, and sherds
Discs, templates, and sherds / Mojang

Wrapping things up is a bunch of small but nice features. Firstly is three music discs:

  • Precipice by Aaron Cherof – found in Trial Chamber vaults
  • Creator by Lena Raine – found in Ominous vaults
  • Creator (Music Box) by Lena Raine – found in decorated pots in Trial Chambers

Also three new Pottery Sherds that can all be found on decorated pots in Trial Chambers:

  • Flow Pottery Sherd
  • Guster Pottery Sherd
  • Scrape Pottery Sherd

Finally, two new Smithing Templates that can be obtained from vaults and Ominous Vaults in Trials Chambers:

  • Bolt Armor Trim
  • Flow Armor Trim

Herobrine removed

Minecraft Fear Nightfall
Herobrine and friends from the Fear Nightfall modpack / Mojang


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