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There are a lot of different units you can spawn into your army in Minecraft Legends, but since the villagers won’t ever raise their arms – or even unfold them, for that matter – you’ll need to look elsewhere for aid in your fight. The Piglins threaten the entire overworld, and as the saying goes, the enemy of your enemy is your friend, so normally hostile mobs like Zombies, Skeletons, and Creepers can be recruited to your cause.

You have to do something for them first though, so we’ll explain how to get each of them on-side.

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How to spawn Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies – Minecraft Legends

Minecraf Legends Zombies and Creepers

During the opening of the campaign, you’ll be tasked with taking down your first nether portal base. As you launch your assault, the hostile mobs of the overworld will emerge from the forest to aid you in your fight, spawning infinitely around the base.

After that fight, you’ll find the locations for three settlements marked on your map, one for each type of mob. At first, you can simply visit there and get a handful of them to follow you. It’s useful in a pinch, but the need to travel there every time is inconvenient.

What you should do instead is go about your normal business, attacking the Piglin bases and destroying their portals. After you’ve taken out one or two you’ll get a cutscene showing that the Piglins have launched attacks on each of the mob’s settlements.

Now you can leap into action. Take your army to a settlement and you’ll have to fight the Piglins back before launching an assault on the nearby portal.

Destroy the portal and you’ll gain the ability to construct spawn points for that mob.

How to use Creepers, Skeletons, and Zombies in battle – Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Skeletons

Aside from the Lapis you need to spawn any unit, these mobs will require an additional resource: coal for Creepers, diamond for Skeletons, and redstone for Zombies, so make sure you’re stocked up on any of those before you raise your army.

These mobs are generally stronger than the default golems you can use, but they have their strengths and weaknesses.

Zombies have a lot of health and strong melee attacks, making them great at fighting enemy units.

Skeletons have very long range and can shoot over walls, meaning they can take out buildings from outside the base. They don’t have much health though, so keep them out of melee battles.

Creepers explode, doing huge AOE damage, with the obvious downside that they disappear after doing it. They’re perfect for rushing a tanky enemy or a strong building you need to destroy.