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The Devourer is the gross decaying Piglin that leads the Horde of the Spore. Once you’ve navigated through their hostile terrain and taken out all three of their portals, this horrid creature will leave the Nether and challenge you to battle.

Doing so is a tough process that involved pushing through a complex base structure, but we’ll show you the best way to tackle this monster and defeat the Horde of the Spore for good.

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How to find the Devourer – Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends Piglins

Thankfully, the Devourer is very easy to find. Once you’ve destroyed the third Spore portal and watched the following cutscene, you’ll be able to check your map for where the Devourer is waiting for you. Simply go to the base and you’ll see his health bar appear on your screen as you approach.

How to defeat the Devourer – Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends the Devourer

To get to the Devourer you’re going to have to navigate the Horde of the Spore’s toughest base. We’ve already got a guide on how to fight the Horde of the Spore, but the short version involves a lot of ramps and slowly destroying every building in your path.

Eventually, you’ll reach the platform where the Devourer awaits. The first thing you should do is destroy the other buildings on that platform. The nether converters there will deal heavy poison damage to your units, which is something you don’t want to contend with while fighting the boss.

Once they’re cleared send in the Zombies, as they’ll do the best job of tanking damage while chipping away at the Devourer’s health. You can rush in with Creepers if you want, but make sure you have enough coal left over for later.

After you’ve reduced the Devourer’s health to roughly 66%, it will leap up into the air and disappear, moving to a platform further along in the base. Continue to fight your way over and then it’s time to repeat the process.

Then, again, at around 33% health, the Devourer will disappear again, this time onto the final platform with the portal. It’s important to note that you don’t need to destroy the portal here, just defeat the boss. That said, there is the Horde of the Spore’s elite unit on this final platform, who you’ll want to take out before you engage the boss again.

For this final phase there will be more Piglins around overwhelming your army, so it’s time to rush in with as many Creepers as you can to take out the boss’ final chunks of health.