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If you’ve ever played Minecraft before then you’ll be familiar with the primary resources you’ll need to collect in Minecraft Legends. The difference in this game, though, is that you don’t need to go diving into caves to get them, as all the ores are sitting on the surface. This makes gathering resources much less time-consuming, but you’ll still need to know where to look to spawn what you need.

While each world is randomly generated, each ore only spawns in specific biomes, which makes finding them nice and easy. We’ll go through each one and tell you where to find every resource in Minecraft Legends.

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Minecraft Legends: where to find iron

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Iron is the first ore you’ll get access to, as it’s part of the early-game tutorial. You’ll need it in crafting various advanced structures like the Mason, as well as spawning the grindstone golem and mossy golem.

You can find iron in Forest and Dry Savannah biomes.

Minecraft Legends: where to find coal

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Coal is used in a few buildings, but the main reason you’ll want to find it is to spawn Minecraft Legends’ most powerful unit, the Creeper, which can blow through defenses in an instant.

You can find coal in Badlands and Meadow biomes.

Minecraft Legends: where to find redstone

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Redstone can get you some of the best buildings in the game, like the Redstone Cannon, which fires explosives at wherever you target. It is also used to spawn Zombies, which are very useful melee units.

You can find redstone in Jungle and Swamp biomes.

Minecraft Legends: where to find diamonds

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While they aren’t as precious as in regular Minecraft, diamonds are still very useful as they can spawn Skeletons, the best ranged unit in the game.

You can find diamonds in Tundra and Jagged Peak biomes.