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Several games are getting into the festive spirit and giving away all sorts of freebies this holiday season. The Fortnite Winterfest event has lots of free skins and items, while the Epic Games Store is giving away a free game every day until the end of the year. Minecraft is following suit and the Minecraft New Year Celebration has begun.

This event was first run to mark the start of 2022, and it was clearly a success because it’s back again. Starting on December 20, 2022, and running until January 24, 2023, you’ll be able to claim new free items every day for 35 days – note that this is only for Minecraft Bedrock edition, meaning those that play on PC using Java won’t be able to claim anything.

We’ll keep you updated every day with what’s in store and how to claim your rewards.

Minecraft New Year Celebration – Lucky’s Minigame Mayhem

Minecraft Lucky's Minigame Mayhem key art

This is the first big map for this event which was released on Day 1 and you can claim it right now. This map, made by creator LogDotZip, features a bunch of weird and wild minigames featuring all sorts of creative mobs. You can morph into a Warden to collect shadows, ride a dragon through a breathtaking valley, or overcome terrifying opponents with new weapons.

This likely won’t be the only map released throughout the event, as last year we got a whopping five free maps.

Minecraft New Year Celebration – Trident City

Minecraft Triden City hub area

The second map to release in this event is Trident City, a not-so-subtle alternate take on the underwater city of Atlantis. This realm is full of cool buildings to see and massive structures to explore.

Minecraft New Year Celebration – Rising Lava Parkour

Minecraft Rising Lava Parkour nether level

Another free map for this event that does exactly what it says on the tin. Across three decently sized levels, you'll be putting your Minecraft parkour skills to the test as you race to beat the rising lava that will roast you. As well as the usual parkour tricks, you'll be faced with things like swinging axes and laser grids as you aim for the best time.

Minecraft New Year Celebration – All unlocked rewards

Minecraft Lucky's Miniame Mayhem riding jetskis with a dolphin

Here is every reward released so far in the event


  • Lucky’s Minigame Mayhem
  • Trident City
  • Rising Lava Parkour

Cosmetic Items:

  • Lucky’s Hat
  • Brimstone Wings
  • Monster Jacket
  • Fly Suit
  • Designer Glasses
  • Skydiver Helmet
  • Explosion-Proof Suit
  • Archaic Diving Tank
  • Archaic Diving Helmet
  • Drowned Captain Coat
  • Drowned Captain Hat
  • Sea Horse Mask
  • Sea Horse Fins
  • Waterlogged Floaty
  • Lava Wings

How to claim free Minecraft skins and maps

Minecraft New Year Celebration reward screen

Claiming your gifts is as easy as can be. On the Minecraft main menu, make sure you’re logged into your account and go onto the Marketplace. At the top of the screen, you’ll see the banner for the New Year Celebration event. Click on that you’ll be shown all of the different rewards you can claim. Simply select the day that you want to claim and select the “claim day” button. The items will immediately be added to your account.

You’ll have until the end of the event on January 24, 2023 to claim all the rewards, so don’t worry if you miss a day, you can claim it later.