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Minecraft 1.20: what do Sniffers eat?

Sniffers are a new mob in the latest Minecraft update, and if you want to breed them you'll need to know what they eat

Minecraft 1.20 has added the last winner of the Minecraft Live mob vote, the Sniffer. This ancient dinosaur mob has to be dug up from the depths of ocean ruins, and then its egg will eventually hatch into this adorable passive creature.

If you can get your hands on two of them, then you can officially reverse the species’ extinction by starting a farm and breeding them to get as many as you want. However, to do that, you need to know what they like to eat.

It’s not immediately obvious like other breedable animals, so will tell you how to breed Minecraft Sniffers.

If you want to know everything about the latest update, we have the full Minecraft 1.20 patch notes for you to read.

What do Sniffers eat? – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft Torchflower

Torchflowers are a new type of flower in Minecraft 1.20 that only Sniffers can find the seeds for.

Sniffers eat Torchflower Seeds. These are rare ancient seeds that can only be found when Sniffers dig them up from dirt, grass, or mud blocks. There’s no known way to force this process yet, so you’ll need to keep your Sniffers in a controlled area and wait for them to catch the scent of the seeds you want.

Feeding two Sniffers Torchflower Seeds will make them breed, laying an egg as if you had found it in an ocean ruin.

How to tame Sniffers – Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft Sniffer under Cherry Blossom trees.

Sniffers will roam around aimlessly in Minecraft until they pick up a scent.

Unfortunately, there is no way to “tame” Sniffers, however, they are passive mobs that will never attack you, and won’t even look at you unless you’re holding food they like. This means you can treat them like any other farm animal, making pens if you want to keep them contained for their resources.