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Picking the best batting stance in MLB The Show 23 depends on your circumstances, comfort level, and above all, who the opposing pitcher is. There’s no one perfect batting stance in the sports game that lets you shine every time you’re at the plate. However, the broad range of stances and the option to customize your own using several detailed parameters means you’re never short of choices to overcome whatever challenge shows up.

Best batting stance for beginners in MLB The Show 23

If you’re new to the game or to The Show in general, we recommend holding off on making your own batting stance. Practice with a few player stances to see how they perform and what you think of them before settling on one or two for a few games.

Most of the stances in the General section are strong choices for beginners and are well-rounded enough that they can still serve you effectively even after you gain more confidence and skill.

However, we also recommend the Mike Trout stance under the Current Players section. Trout’s stance combines strong power with good reach, so while it might still struggle against a particularly crafty pitcher, it’ll serve you well in most scenarios.

A handful of other stances stand out as strong choices for all skill levels.

  • Shohei Ohtani
  • Legendary 7
  • Drew Waters
  • Adalberto Mondesi
  • Cody Bellinger

Make sure to study your opponent’s pitching style so you know which stance is likely to help the most. If the pitcher tends to favor curveballs, for example, then a stance designed to excel in the center of the box isn’t going to be much use.

What about custom batting stances?

Custom stances give you more control over nearly every aspect of your stance, from reach and animation style, to hip and foot placement. However, they’re also entirely optional. You can become a star and outshine your rivals with the game’s pre-built stances, and some fans even think the differences in custom stances amount to so little that they aren’t worth the time it takes to make them.

We’ve stuck with pre-built stances – mainly Trout and Ohtani – and had no issues. If you’re running up against an especially difficult pitcher and think the available stances aren’t cutting it, tinker with the customization options and see what you think.

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