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Pacific Drive: Zone Preparation - Pack Supplies fix

If you're stuck on Pacific Drive during the early tutorial section, you're not alone

Pacific Drive opens with you being sucked into an exclusion zone along with your car,  but you're soon forced to nurse an old banger back to life and get on the road again. This tutorial section sees you add a door, fix a puncture, and more. But what happens when you've done everything and you can't progress? 

If you're at the section where the game tells you to "Pack Supplies" during "Zone Preparation" and you've already put all your resources in the car's inventory space, I'm sorry to tell you that your game is bugged. 

As of writing, the only solution to this issue is to reload a save, which will probably put you right back to the start. 

The bug is seemingly triggered when players perform tutorial steps out of order, such as picking up the medkits before they're told to do so. 

Hopefully, the developers fix this in an upcoming patch because it's otherwise a brilliant survival game filled with excellent ideas.