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Palworld: how to increase your Pals' sanity

How to increase your Pals' sanity and improve their mood in Palworld

Setting your Pals to work at your base is essential for gathering plenty of resources and making sure you’re kitted to take on the toughest bosses out in the world and catch ‘em all collect all of the Pals. However, you can’t be some heartless enforcer, you need to take care of your Pal’s needs, in particular, their Sanity meter.

A Pal with low Sanity has a higher chance of getting injured and may simply refuse to do work altogether, so we’ll tell you how to keep your Pals in high spirits so they’ll work all the live long day.

Palworld Pal beds
Palworld food bowl
Palworld Hot Springs
Palworld Medieval Medicine Workbench
Palworld Palbox