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Palworld max level: max pal, character, and base levels

The max level for your character, pals, and bases in Palworld, and how to level up fast
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Palworld has loads of creatures and catch and environments to explore, but the shine of something new will wear off a bit once you reach the max level. As long as you’re playing on the default settings you’ll level up at a pretty modest pace while playing Palworld, but if you want to max out quickly, there are options for that too.

In this guide we’re breaking down the max level in Palworld for your character, your pals, and you base, so you know when you’ll be on top of the world. Just read through our Palworld tips so you know the max level for everything, and how you can level up faster.

Max character level cap in Palworld

A large dragon Pal with pink spikes projecting from its back is carrying a player character over a hilly, rocky area

You'll have to level up to catch this pal.

The max level for your player character in Palworld is currently 50. It’s very possible that developer Pocketpair will update the game and increase the maximum level in the future, but as of the time of writing, 50 is your maximum character level.

Max pal level cap in Palworld

Palworld catching a human

Humans can be your pals, too.

The max level for your pals in Palworld is 50. If the player level cap gets increased in the future, it will likely match the pal level cap.

Max base level cap in Palworld

Palworld's Vixy, a cream-colored fox-like animal, is standing in a ranch next to some boxes

Upgrade your base, for your pals.

The max base level in Palworld is 20. Once you hit base level 20 you’ll max out, with 15 pals at the base, and a maximum of three total bases. You can expect this to be increased in future updates and expansions.

How to level up fast in Palworld

Palworld Sparkit

Keep leveling up to make your cute creatures powerful.

If you want to level up and reach the level cap as fast as possible in Palworld, you can actually do that by diving into the settings. You can change the difficulty settings in the game so you’re rewarded with more experience with everything you do. It might simplify the game too much, but if you’re interested in leveling up fast, read through our Palworld EXP rate boost guide.