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Square Enix’s Paranormasight is one of the more chilling video games of the year. Whether it’s the gruesome deaths, or the way the characters’ eyes twitch nervously, something is bound to send a shiver down your spine.

Some of the spookiest parts of the story are the five different endings for each of the main characters, plus a bonus True Ending which gives everyone a happier story. If you want to see everything Paranormasight has to offer then keep reading our guide.

Be warned that while the guide tries to be as vague as possible, small spoilers about the story are inevitable. Be aware of this before reading on.

Paranormasight: How to get every ending

Unlike other visual novels it’s possible to get every ending from a single playthrough. Scenarios that have multiple endings will appear brighter than others, letting you know there is something you haven’t seen. Some of the endings can still be hard to find, but this is the first thing to try if you’re stuck. You can go back to any point in a chapter without ruining the timeline, so feel free to try lots of different choices.

Paranormasight: Ending 1 – Michiyo’s Grudge


The first ending you can find is in the fourth timeline with Yakko Sakazaki. You can find the correct option in the Seiman chapter. You should select Start from Namigaki’s appearance.

Yutaro Namigaki will approach you and ask you to come with him to Ryogoku Bridge. You need to select Talk to Yutaro to see this ending.

Paranormasight: Ending 2 – Neijima’s Reminiscence


Another ending that can happen early on. It’s in Tetsuo Tsutsumi’s timeline, and can be found in the chapter Manhunt. You can choose Start after conversation if you want to trigger this.

Erio should still have his gun trained on Nejima at this point. All you need to do to trigger the ending from this point is Talk to Neijima again. This will automatically lead to the ending.

Paranormasight: Ending 3 – Harue’s Legacy


Two endings can be triggered from the same chapter. In Harue Shigima’s timeline choose the chapter Last Resort. You can begin with Start after Harue admits to being a curse bearer.

From here choose the first option Her Father, and from here you will see the prompt to use your curse. Do so immediately to get Harue’s ending.

Paranormasight: Ending 4 – Ayame’s Inspiration


The other ending you can trigger from Last Resort is Ayame’s Inspiration. For this one you should Start after Ayame admits to being a curse bearer.

Continue talking to Ayame, and ask What do you desire? From here she will ask you if you are a curse bearer. You should lie and say No in order to get Ayame’s ending.

Paranormasight: Ending 5 – Conclusion


This is the only ending you need to trigger before you can get the True Ending. You can find it on Tetsuo Tsutsumi’s timeline, in a chapter also called Conclusion. If you have played before you can choose Start from Erio.

Talk to Mio twice and you will have the option to Remove the Seals. For this you need to choose the curses in the order that they were first created. You can find each date for this by looking in your Files. Don’t worry if you make a mistake you can try this as many times as you like. If you are still struggling here is the correct order:

  • The Taiko Drum Seal
  • The Beech Leaf Seal
  • The Reed Seal
  • The Carp Seal
  • The Light Seal

This will lead to the Conclusion ending.

Paranormasight: Ending 6 – Another Conclusion


This is the hardest ending to unlock and requires a lot of preparation. You will first need to unlock Ending 5 –Conclusion before you proceed. You don’t need to find the spirit in Yakko Sakazaki’s timeline, which is outside the factory, but it might help with recognising it later. You need to go to Shogo Okiie’s timeline and select the chapter Kinshibori Park (Part 3). There are two chapters called this, you need to choose the one on the bottom path. You can select Start from talking to Takumi.

From here, turn right until you can see a bushy tree in the corner of the park. Make sure you don’t turn around far enough to look back at Yoko. If you turn this far, then Takumi will take you out. Under the tree you will see the same spirit that Yakko Sakazaki saw. Click on it and look back at Takumi. Then look back again at the light. You will then be asked to Touch it, so do so.

This will unlock a chapter called Cleansing that you have to play through. The Storyteller will interrupt and ask you three questions. You can attempt these many times also. However, if you are struggling here are the answers:

  • Which curse? The beckoning light.
  • Which ancestor? Shogo.
  • Who are they? For this you need to enter your name exactly how you did at the start, this includes capital letters and any kind of punctuation you have used.

This will then lead to the true ending.