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Pikmin 4: all cave locations

Map locations for every cave, Dandori Battle, and Dandori Challenge in Pikmin 4
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Pikmin 4 is finally here, a full decade after the release of the previous game. But good things come to those who wait, and Pikmin 4 is everything fans were hoping for. This is quite possibly the biggest and most expansive Pikmin adventure yet, as we demonstrate in this guide with maps for every cave in Pikmin 4.

Many of the treasures, rescues, and onions you need to collect in the game are found in the caves across the game’s six stages, plus the Rescue Command Post. In this guide we’re listing every cave – including Dandori Challenges and Battles – and how many rescues, treasures, and onions you can find in each. This’ll make the path toward 100% completion much easier for you in Pikmin 4.

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Rescue Command Post Cave locations – Pikmin 4

The Rescue Command Post is your home base, where you select the next level and interact with rescued explorers. There’s a cave you’ll head through at the beginning of the game, and a series of unique Dandori Challenges, too.

Sun-Speckled Terrace Cave locations – Pikmin 4

This is the first proper stage, and the caves within are mostly pretty short and easy to get through. Good luck!

Blossoming Arcadia Cave locations – Pikmin 4

The second big stage, the cave difficulty starts to ramp up now.

Serene Shores Cave locations – Pikmin 4

Serene Shores changes at midday as tides recede, which opens up paths to new caves. Keep that in mind.

Hero’s Hideaway Cave locations – Pikmin 4

This stage is a big house, and makes caves harder to reach.

Giant’s Hearth Cave locations – Pikmin 4

The Giant’s Hearth is a big brick BBQ. Makes sense, really.

Primordial Thicket Cave locations – Pikmin 4

This is where things start ramping up, so prepare for the caves inside the Primordial Thicket.