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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have five gigantic Titans to defeat, each one focused on a specific type. You can technically challenge any Titan in any order, but there’s not a lot of direction in-game to tell you what to do next. We’ve put together a guide for the best order, based on the Titans’ levels and relative challenge.

1. Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan - Rock-type Titan


Klawf is the lowest-level Titan in the game, a pure Rock-type Pokémon that shouldn’t take too much of a challenge to take down – unless you picked Fuecoco as your starter. If you did, you’ll want to pick up an early-game Grass or Water-type Pokemon. There are a few around, but any of them are a good pick… except Budew.

2. Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan - Flying-type Titan

Bombirdier is a big step up in difficulty from Klawf, a Flying/Dark-type Pokémon that packs a bit of a nasty punch. The second phase of the fight is fairly simple, but getting through the first can be tough if you’re not equipped with a Rock, Ice, or Electric-type Pokémon. If you happened to pick up a Klawf while you were over by the first Titan, it’s a pretty solid bet here, and Pawmi or its evolutions can do a good enough job, too. Just be careful if you’re a Sprigatito-owner, it won’t last long here.

3. Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan - Steel-type Titan


This can be a bit of a tough one if you go in unprepared. Steel is a tricky type to work with – sure, it’s got a few common weaknesses like Fighting, Fire, and Ground-types, but Orthworm is pretty well prepared for most of these possibilities. A Primeape is a good bet here, it’s strong enough to hit hard and tanky enough to take a few hits. Paldean Tauros – any of the three forms – are a great option too, adding some much-needed speed to the equation.

4. Great Tusk/Iron Treads, the Quaking Earth Titan - Ground-type Titan


This is the one Titan that will be different depending on which version you play. Scarlet players will go up against Great Tusk, a Ground/Fighting-type, while Violet players will face Iron Treads, a Ground/Steel-type. Of the two, Violet has the easier time, since most players would have picked up something good against Steel to take down the last Titan. Scarlet players should look for a strong Flying-type, like Bombirdier or Kilowattrel – a double threat, because Flying is strong against Fighting, and also immune to Ground-type attacks.

5. Tatsugiri and Dodonzo, the False Dragon Titan - Dragon- and Water-type Titan


This is one of the more difficult challenges in Scarlet and Violet, not just for the Titan path, but for the entire game. That’s because it’s actually two separate challenges that both have different requirements. First, you’ll face off against Dodonzo, a hulking Water-type Pokémon. It’s an incredibly defensive Pokémon, so taking it down can be a challenge, but any good Grass or Electric-type Pokémon should get you by.

After that, however, you’ll be taking on Tatsugiri, a Dragon/Water-type Pokémon that’s a lot tougher than it looks. Fairy-type moves are really your only choice here, unless you can find something with decent Dragon-type attacks. Azumarill is a surprisingly good choice here, as its bulk and type keep it alive, and it gets access to a decent pool of Fairy-type moves. Tatsugiri isn’t particularly tanky, but it does hit harder than you’d think, so keep your wits about you and you should have the final Titan knocked out in no time at all.