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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: how to catch the Starter Pokemon

How to catch every Starter Pokémon in the Indigo Disk Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC
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One of the big surprises in the build-up to the Indigo Disk DLC for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet was the fact that every Starter Pokémon from Generations 1 through 8 would be catchable in this DLC, however, you can’t get your hands on them right away, you’ll need to put a bit more work into it.

We’ll explain how to unlock the Starter Pokémon in the Indigo Disk and where to find all of them.

How to unlock the Starter Pokémon in the Indigo Disk DLC

Pokemon SV DLC Starter Pokemon

Every Starter Pokémon in series history is catchable in the Indigo Disk.

Once you progress far enough to join the League Club, then you’ll find a bunch of different rewards that all cost BP. There are four quests that all say they will “Boost the biodiversity in X biome”, with one for each biome in the Terarium – they each cost 3,000BP. Buying one of these will allow a select bunch of Starter Pokémon to spawn in that biome – no other Pokémon become available.

This means that if you want all of them, you’ll need to spend a total of 12,000BP, so you best get earning those points.

We’ll go through each biome and list what Starter Pokémon spawn there when you unlock them.

Canyon Biome Starter Pokémon

Squirtle location

Pokemon SV DLC Squirtle location

In the southern section of the Canyon Biome, around the grassy areas where there’s water.

Treecko location

Pokemon SV DLC Treecko location

Near the center of the Canyon Biome, at the top of a tall rock formation with grass at the peak.

Turtwig location

Pokemon SV DLC Turtwig location

In the north and west portions of the Canyon Biome on grassy terrain.

Tepig location

 Pokemon SV DLC Tepig location

In the south and east portions of the Canyon Biome, mostly on rocky terrain.

Litten location

Pokemon SV DLC Litten location

In the north section of the Canyon Biome, often on rocky terrain.

Coastal Biome Starter Pokémon

Bulbasaur location

Pokemon SV DLC Bulbsaur location

In the south section of the Coastal biome on grassy terrain.

Chikorita location

Pokemon SV DLC Chikorita location

All over the Coastal biome on mostly grassy terrain, as well as the islands in the north.

Mudkip location

Pokemon SV DLC Mudkip location

In the pond and beach in the southwest of the Coastal biome.

Froakie location

Pokemon SV DLC Froakie location

On the northern peninsula of the Coastal biome, mostly on the beach.

Popplio location

Pokemon SV DLC Popplio location

On the beach and in the open waters of the Coastal biome.

Grookey location

Pokemon SV DLC Grookey location

On the grass, beach, and islands in the southeast of the Coastal biome.

Polar Biome Starter Pokémon

Cyndaquil location

Pokemon SV DLC Cyndaquil location

In a small cave, the entrance is on the south face of the island to the north – a Stellar Tera-type Duraludon also spawns inside if you’ve completed the DLC’s main story.

Torchic location

Pokemon SV DLC Torchic location

In a small cave, the entrance is on the side of a cliff overlooking the Polar Plaza, facing west – a Tera Metang also spawns inside.

Piplup location

Pokemon SV DLC Piplup location

In the water and sea-level ice in the Polar Biome.

Oshawott location

Pokemon SV DLC Oshawott location

In the water and sea-level ice in the Polar Biome.

Chespin location

Pokemon SV DLC Chespin location

In Chargestone Caverns, the entrances are at sea-level in the south of the Polar biome and north of the Canyon biome.

Scorbunny location

Pokemon SV DLC Scorbunny location

All over the snowy mountain in the Polar Biome.

Savanna Biome Starter Pokémon

Charmander location

Pokemon SV DLC Charmander location

On the dry grass of the central and south sections of the Savanna biome.

Totodile location

Pokemon SV DLC Totodile location

In the small pools of muddy water in the north of the Savanna biome.

Snivy location

Pokemon SV DLC Snivy location

On the grass in the northeast corner of the Savanna biome.

Rowlet location

 Pokemon SV DLC Rowlet location

On the grass all over the Savanna biome, except the area where Snivy spawns.

Sobble location

Pokemon SV DLC Sobble location

In and around the shallow muddy patches in the south, east, and west of the Savanna biome.