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Remnant 2: How to unlock the Explorer archetype

How to unlock the Explorer archetype in Remnant 2
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There are a great variety of classes in Remnant 2, but you won’t have access to many when you’re just starting the game. Some, like the Summoner, you’ll have to seek out and buy in the world, while others you can buy from the people at Ward 13 to run a secondary class. However, the Explorer class is the hardest of them all to get.

Explorer isn’t the only other class you can unlock, as you can also find out how to unlock the Summoner class, and how to unlock secondary classes to run two classes at once. Plus, if there’s still some debate, check out our ranking of the best Remnant 2 classes.

We’ll tell you how to unlock the Explorer class in Remnant 2, and the best ways to put it to use.

How to unlock the Explorer archetype – Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Explorer Class

To put it simply you have to beat the final boss to get Explorer. It’s a tough battle, but overcoming it will drop the item you need, which you can then take to Wallace in exchange for the engram that unlocks Explorer.

It’s designed as a class to be used in the post-game, or in second playthroughs, as its main benefits are an increased chance to find rare items, as well as faster movement speed. If there’s anything you’re looking to grind out following the final boss, the Explorer will make it much easier to do.