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Capcom’s hotly anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake might only be out in demo form right now, but already a growing army of talented modders are unleashing waves of weird and wonderful content for it.

Below, you’ll find nine mods that turn the game on its head. Some of these community creations dial up the scares; others upend them completely. But all offer fresh ways to play, and give you an exciting glimpse into the modded mayhem that awaits if you’ve decided to spice up the vanilla game or its free demo.

Make sure to read our full Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough for everything you need to find treasures and complete requests like the Blue Medallions and Pest Control or to find all Clockwork Castellan locations in the game.

Reeves 1
Reeves 2
Give yourself chainsaw
Giant enemies
Giant enemies 2
Ultra hard mode
Shrek 2
Baby head
CRT filter
Classic 2005 jacket
Banana gun
Play as long as you like