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The Resident Evil 4 remake is available now, and you’re likely eager to get stuck into everything this reinvented classic from Capcom has to offer. While it does share a lot of DNA with the game that inspired it, there’s a lot more to do, collect, and find. Some puzzles, quests, and chapters are even changed entirely. To help you stay alive in this hectic survival horror classic, we’ve put together this walkthrough, complete with step-by-step guides for every chapter, puzzle, and request in the game.

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Resident Evil 4 general tips and guides


Resident Evil 4 main game walkthrough


Resident Evil 4 weapon locations


Resident Evil 4 puzzles


Resident Evil 4 requests


The Resident Evil 4 remake features a number of merchant requests you need to complete to earn the Jack of All Trades trophy/achievement. Here's a guide to every merchant request in the game: