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The Resident Evil 4 remake greatly expanded over the original, and that ranges from the combat and world, to the treasures you can find within. There are loads of brand-new treasures added to Resident Evil 4, and the kinds of jewels and gems you can insert into them have been changed up too.

It used to be that specific gems could be inserted into specific treasures, but now there are six different types of insertable gems, and a variety of different treasures they can be inserted into, with extra cash for unique combinations.

If you can find the right treasure and the right gems, you can craft a veritable masterpiece that sells for 100k, and you’ll net yourself a trophy/achievement in the process. For everything you need to do that yourself, just follow our guide below.

Make sure to read our full Resident Evil 4 remake walkthrough for everything you need to find treasures and complete requests like Blue Medallions and Clockwork Castellans.

How to sell a treasure for 100k pesetas – RE4 Remake


Elegant Crown location – RE4 Remake