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Skull and Bones beta rewards and how to claim them

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Ubisoft is offering several rounds of Skull and Bones beta rewards as thanks for playing the open-world game ahead of launch, but you have to put in some work to get the best ones. While everyone who plays will get at least one of the Skull and Bones beta rewards, the best ones are locked behind reaching higher levels.

Our Skull and Bones beta rewards guide breaks down what you get at each tier and how to claim them.

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Skull and Bones beta rewards

You’ll earn new rewards for every two Infamy tiers you earn and for reaching .

  • Reach Infamy tier 2: Sir Reginald Grim sail emblem
  • Reach Infamy tier 4: Tarred Sail ship pattern
  • Reach Infamy tier 6: Sign language emote
  • Use a medium ship: Cookie the Lemur pet
  • Participate in a Merchant Convoy or Elite Captains world event: Basilisk I Culvern weapon

You’ll earn Infamy by completing contracts – what Skull and Bones calls quests – so just chat with people, help them out, and generally do pirate things to boost your Infamy ranking. Infamy tier 6 is the highest you can reach in the beta, though the full game will go up to at least Infamy rank 10.

Piloting a medium ship is something you’ll have to work up to as well, since you start your time in Sainte-Anne with nothing but a dinky little thing, and while world events are tougher than your average contract, you don’t have to actually finish them successfully. Just take part, and contribute in whatever way you can.

The Skull and Bones carpenter offers the player a contract with infamy as a reward

Try to do something nice, and you become infamous for it smh

How to claim Skull and Bones beta rewards

Ubisoft will automatically add any rewards earned in the Skull and Bones beta to your inventory once the full game launches. There’s nothing you need to do, other than sign into the game using the same Ubisoft account that you used for the beta.

That means having to actually buy the game, though Ubisoft didn’t set any time limit for these rewards to expire. Unless there is one that the studio just didn’t mention, you’ll still have your Skull and Bones beta rewards waiting for you six months or more down the road.