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Skull and Bones: How to change clothes and appearance

Fresh duds for the filthy pirate

How to change clothes in Skull and Bones is likely something you’ll want to do as soon as you reach land in the multiplayer game, but some restrictions apply. Your new crew might think you hung the stars and moon, but you’re still just a poor ragamuffin on the bottom rung of the pirate ladder. Most clothing options are far out of reach until you prove yourself, though you can, at least, swap the stained rags you start with for something else.

We explain how to change clothes in Skull and Bones below, along with when you can do it and how to get the currency you need.

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Skull and Bones: How to change clothes

Skull and Bones' Vanity Atelier, a cosmetic shop

Look for the mirror icon on your map if you can't find the atelier.

You can change your outfit and buy new clothes at the Vanity Atelier in Port Anne. You visit Port Anne after completing the tutorial and getting the former captain’s letter. The atelier is immediately to your left once you regain control of your pirate–to-be, but you can’t purchase anything until you speak with Scurlock.

Once that’s out of the way – regardless of whether you promised piracy or legitimate trade – you can visit the Vanity Atelier and spend silver or pieces of eight to buy new cosmetics. These include head coverings, pants, shoes, and arm decorations, and some cosmetics are locked behind kingpin levels. The proprietor says that more unlock as your infamy and kingpin levels increase as well.

How to change your appearance in Skull and Bones

You can also alter your character’s physical appearance at the atelier for free, just select the second option in the menu.

Like in Sea of Thieves, you can only change your cosmetics and appearance at the Vanity Atelier. You can’t access your clothes or change them while you’re roaming around Port Anne or on your ship.

How to get silver in Skull and Bones

A Skull and Bones character in a yellow shirt, standing outside the Vanity Atelier

Good looks cost money

Silver is Skull and Bones' standard currency. You'll earn it for completing basic contracts - side quests, basically - and you might stumble across some as loot in the open world. You start with just a few hundred pieces, though, barely enough to purchase a single new shirt, skirt, or pair of pants.

How to get pieces of eight in Skull and Bones

We haven’t actually earned any pieces of eight yet, but prior to the Skull and Bones beta starting, Ubisoft briefly outlined how to get the fancy money. You earn pieces of eight once you establish a profitable business – and since it’s Skull and Bones, “establish” means taking over manufacturing concerns and getting them to work for you.