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Skull and Bones: How to use fast travel

In a game as vast as the ocean, you will sometimes want to skip the sailing

Skull and Bones is a pirate game, so, naturally, it’s all about sailing with your ship, exploring the open sea, sinking other ships, and just doing pirate stuff.

While exploring the vast open-world map of Skull and Bones can be fun, sometimes you just need to go back to a specific outpost to restock your ship, or hand in a completed contract.

There is a fast travel option in Skull and Bones, but you don’t have it unlocked from the beginning, and the game doesn’t really tell you about it.

Here’s everything there is to know about how to fast travel in Skull and Bones.

How to fast travel in Skull and Bones

To use fast travel in Skull and Bones, you must first reach Sainte-Anne, as the option is not available during the opening section of the game. Once you’ve discovered a second outpost, the fast travel option will become available from the ship’s menu.

Arrival at Sainte Anne in Skull and Bones

Fast travel only becomes available after you've reached Sainte-Anne and have visited at least one outpost.

You can fast travel only to outposts you have visited before, so make sure you disembark at docking points you may want to revisit. Unlocked fast travel points are indicated on the map by a small icon with two arrows pointing right.

Skull and Bones set sail / ship menu with the fast travel option available

You fast travel from the set sail menu, where you can also manage your ship.

To fast travel, while you are at an Outpost or Den, board your ship and select ‘Fast Travel’, instead of ‘Set Sail’. Hover over an outpost on the map, and if you’ve been there before, the option to fast travel will appear at the bottom of its details box.

Another way to fast travel is to just open the map while you're in an outpost or den, and then select your destination.

Fast travel is only available to and from Outposts and Dens, where you can disembark from your ship. Smaller pass-by points of interest that you can only interact with while sailing are not valid fast travel destinations. Fast travel is not available while you're sailing in the open sea.

Palisade Bay settlement location in Skull and Bones show on the in-game map

Settlements, like Palisade Bay, are not available as fast travel destinations.

How much does it cost to fast travel in Skull and Bones

Unlike other open-world games, Skull and Bones won’t let you fast travel for free. Using fast travel costs Silver, depending on the distance you want to skip. The amount required is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen before you confirm your destination.

Fast travel to Sainte-Anne from Lanitra would cost you 260 Silver.

Fast travel to Sainte-Anne from Lanitra would cost you 260 Silver.

A trip from Sainte-Anne to Lanitra, for example, costs 260 Silver, but a jump from Lanitra to Fort Louis will set you back 335 Silver.

Skipping the sea all the way to Fort Louis from Lanitra costs well above 300 Silver.

Skipping the sea all the way to Fort Louis from Lanitra costs well above 300 Silver.

Fast travel does not advance the in-game time, so you don’t have to worry about failing limited-time quests.

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