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Skull and Bones crowbar: How to get aboard the Exeter

The perils of open-world adventuring

Getting the Skull and Bones crowbar seems confusing at first, and it’s easy to waste time scouring the open-world game’s seas for it in vain. This is one instance where sticking to the main path is a pretty solid idea, even though Skull and Bones makes that main path a bit confusing to follow.

Our Skull and Bones crowbar guide explains how to get the tool and what to do once you've got it.

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Skull and Bones crowbar location

The wreck of the Exeter might seem like a good place to look for explosives and rum, but you’re not meant to be there yet. The supplies the ship’s cargo master requested aren’t on board, and the only way to get a crowbar is to finish his contract. There’s no way to board the ship or find a crowbar before you do.

Where to find rum and explosives in Skull and Bones

A Skull and Bones ship sailing near West Island, and a yellow arrow pointing south of the Exeter toward the supplies' location

Make sure to grab some fish to keep the crew full.

The cargo master and quest guide tell you to sail north of the Exeter wreck and find supplies there, but that’s not entirely sound advice. I found everything I needed in the wreckage next to the ship and near the island with the marooned, dying man to the Exeter’s south. If you’re unsure where to look, listen for your crewmates’ comment about checking the corpses in the water. The corpses resemble general debris in the water and aren’t particularly body-like from a distance.

It’s worth checking north and south for the supplies. You don’t need 12 of each, but you can keep and sell the rest later. It’s not much, sure, but every bit of silver helps in the early game.

Sharks roam the waters around the supplies on both sides of the Exeter. Skull and Bones doesn’t tell you, but you do have a basic wooden spear you can aim and throw. It takes about four spear hits to down a shark. The supply is unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Make sure to harvest the shark meat before you leave. You can cook it later.

Skull and Bones: How to use the crowbar

The cargo master has some unpleasant words once you hand over his supplies, but he gives you the crowbar anyway. Head to the center of the Exeter wreck, and follow the prompts to wield the crowbar. The quick-time event starts on its own, and you need to press the right button to stop the crowbar symbol when it’s in the green zone.

The Exeter itself is mostly barren. Read the few books scattered around for some context about what’s going on in Skull and Bones’ world, and then make your way to the back of the ship, where you’ll find the captain.