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Skull and Bones: how to get Wood Tar

All the ways to get Wood Tar in Skull and Bones

You can build the biggest, fastest boat in all the land, but it’s virtually useless if you don’t have any weapons to put on it. If you’re trying to craft a lot of the better weapons for your ship, like the Culverin V, you’ll need to see out Wood Tar, a resource that can be quite elusive as you can’t harvest it from any shoreline.

We’ll tell you the different ways you can gather Wood Tar, so you can kit out your fleet with the best weaponry.

How to get Wood Tar in Skull and Bones

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Compagnie ships around the Red Isle – especially in the south of that region all have a chance to give you Wood Tar. Remember to board ships whenever you can for bonus loot and greater odds of getting what you need. Similarly, pillaging Compagnie bases and settlements may earn you Wood Tar too. Using that method may take longer and put you through a tougher fight, but you’ll get lots of loot drops, plus everything you can get from the ships you destroy in the battle.

Finally, if you’re getting unlucky or don’t want to spend time on getting it through random loot, you can head to the settlement of Guérande, where the merchant there will sell you Wood Tar for 600 Silver each.