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Skull and Bones cobalt locations

Time for a ship upgrade

Finding Skull and Bones cobalt locations takes you into the open-world game’s unfamiliar waters far from home, with some pretty big challenges as well. Ships and outposts at level seven or higher line the waterways where you can find cobalt, so you’ll want to be on your best behavior, even if you’re kitted out with high-level equipment.

Our Skull and Bones cobalt guide points out where to find cobalt and what you can do with it.

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Skull and Bones cobalt locations

A map image showing cobalt locations in Skull and Bones

This little stretch of the African coast is rich with cobalt deposits.

We’ve found cobalt in the Coast of Africa region, specifically in the northwest area near the Ziwa Kubwa area. In fact, one spot that’s home to two or three cobalt deposits is literally right under the Ziwa Kubwa label on the map, with several more if you follow the eastern coast northward.

You can get there by following a trade route through several narrow waterways watched over by guard towers, and it spits you out in a bay full of Ungwana military vessels. These turn hostile if you even so much as bump their hull, so mind how you go. Unless you’ve outfitted your ship with higher-level equipment, they’ll destroy you quickly.

Make sure to dock at the Sunken Goldmine while you’re in the area. You can use Skull and Bones’ fast travel system to return here and farm cobalt from any other dock you visit.

How to get cobalt in Skull and Bones

An image highlighting cobalt locations and how they look in Skull and Bones

Cobalt looks a lot like nickel, except the prompt says cobalt.

Like with copper and other metals, you need a pickaxe to harvest cobalt. Despite the area’s shipwrecks requiring a level 2 crowbar, you can get cobalt with the level 1 pickaxe you craft during the Sainte-Anne tutorial.

Complete the quick-time event by pressing the button prompt when the pickaxe icon is in the green zone. You can still get cobalt if you hit it in the yellow zone, but you earn more if it lands in the green.

How to get cobalt ingots in Skull and Bones

Take your cobalt back to the Refiner on Sainte-Anne, and have her turn it into cobalt ingots. It takes three stacks of cobalt to get one ingot, so if you’re upgrading a lot of equipment or building a new ship, expect to make this trip to Kubwa Ziwa pretty often.