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There are many iconic characters out there in the Star Wars universe, and while Jedi Survivor doesn’t have much to do with the main series of films, it doesn’t mean a familiar face can’t pop up from time to time. Case in point, Boba Fett, who has a cameo appearance in the game. This character is a favorite of many thanks to his cool look and recent solo series, The Book of Boba Fett.

We’ll guide you through how to meet Boba Fett in Jedi Survivors and what happens when you do. Beware, this article will contain spoilers for the bounty hunter side quests, but not the main story.

To prepare for this, make sure you have the best Lightsaber stances and best skills ready to go.

Where to find Boba Fett – Star Wars Jedi Survivors

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Caij Vanda bounty board

As you’re gliding through the wilds of Koboh on your way to the research station, you’ll come across a cool and collected character called Caij Vanda. She’ll explain that there are bounty hunters all over the galaxy that would earn a pretty penny for Cal’s head, and she offers rewards for each hunter Cal can eliminate.

There are 16 in total. You’ll encounter some during the game’s story, while others you’ll need to explore to hunt down. Once you’ve done the job, Caij will tell you to go to the location where you first met.

Come prepared, as once you arrive, Caij will reveal that she is, in fact, a bounty hunter too. Sending you out to kill all the other hunters simply raised the price on your head, and now she plans to take you in for a huge reward – a boss fight ensues.

Caij is one of the toughest bosses in the game, but if you manage to defeat her, Boba Fett will appear in the subsequent cutscene.

What does Boba Fett do in Star Wars Jedi Survivors?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Boba Fett

When he lands, Caij will initially try to get him to help her take Cal down. However, Boba Fett will reveal that he’s actually here to collect the bounty on Caij’s head. A tense stand-off ensues where Caij threatens to blow you all to kingdom come, but thanks to some quick thinking by Cal, Boba Fett is able to detain her – the two then part ways.

It’s a minor cameo, but a nice payoff to the effort you must go through to beat all 16 bounty hunters and Caij.