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Starfield High Price to Pay: how to save everyone

How to save all your companions in the High Price to Pay Starfield quest

Starfield’s story has its fair share of tragedy, as you’ll find that the mission High Price to Pay will cruelly take one of your companions from you, as they’re killed by the Hunter. It’s a tough choice of whether to defend the Lodge or go to the Eye in Starfield and it’s left plenty of people wondering if it’s possible for everyone to come out of it unscathed.

The answer is yes, you can save everyone, just not on your first playthrough. We’ll explain how to make sure no one dies in High Price to Pay. Find out more about this game's secrets in our Starfield walkthrough.

How to save everyone – Starfield High Price to Pay

Starfield Constellation

First off, you can only do this in a New Game Plus run of the game, so if haven’t already seen Starfield’s ending, go and do it before you carry on.

As a Starborn you’ll have the foreknowledge of the events of the story which means you can save your companion’s life. First, at the very start of the game, do not skip the main story. Don’t tell the members of Constellation about your Starborn nature, just let it ride for the time being.

Now, at the very end of the quest “Further Into the Unknown”, you’ll get a new Starborn dialogue option when talking to Vladimir where you insist that the artifacts need to be moved out of the Lodge right now.

You’ll then get a brand new quest that is exclusive to New Game Plus called “Foreknowledge” where you build the Armilliary earlier in the story, keeping the artifacts and all your friends safe. The Hunter will discover this and instead kill everyone aboard The Scow – the ship you visited in the No Sudden Moves Starfield quest – in retaliation. This is sad, but at least everyone close to you is alive and well.