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Starfield: where to get High Tensile Spidrons

Where to get High Tensile Spidrons of the Heavy Shielding spacesuit mod in Starfield

If you want to make your gear as good as it can possibly be in Starfield then you’re going to need to research and craft mods to keep you in the best possible condition. To that end, the Heavy Shielding mod is great for any spacesuit, but it requires one of the rarer materials in Starfield.

If you want to craft that mod you’ll need to get your hands on High Tensile Spidrons, something only found on one particular plant which doesn’t spawn on many planets that we know of. We’ll tell you all the places you can get these things for your spacesuits.

High Tensile Spidrons location – Starfield

Starfield Frigid Palm

Before you go traipsing off to planets, double-check the general stores. While it’s random, there is always a chance that a store like Jemison Mechantile will have High Tensile Spidrons in stock when they refresh. Or, if you’re lucky enough to spot them in Shepard’s store, you can use the Starfield puddle glitch to pick them up for free.

If that doesn’t turn up anything, then it’s time to get in your ship and head for Linnaeus II in the Linnaeus system – it’s located just southeast of Alpha Centauri on your star map. On it, land in a Frozen Mountain biome and look for the Frigid Palm plant. Harvest as many as you can find and you should have a nice stock of High Tensile Spidrons in no time.