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Starfield: What is Quantum Essence?

If you're hunting down the artifacts in Starfield, you may have stumbled upon this mysterious resource.
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There will be light spoilers in this guide, but if you're searching for what Quantum Essence is in Starfield, you probably already know what's coming. 

A little way into your journey through Starfield's main quest, you'll unlock some new powers. But you're not the only one hunting for them. 

Starfield Starborn

Occasionally have to fight Starborn. These are heroes and villains from an alternate dimension, who travel through space and time to find the Starfield powers hidden across the galaxy and steal the essence of other Starborn. 

When you kill a Starborn, they vanish in a ball of light and a message tells you that you've acquired some Quantum Essence. 

If you want to use Quantum Essence in Starfield, simply head to the Powers menu and you'll see this description: “Consume to increase Starborn power regeneration speed for 60 seconds.”

As it says there, Quantum Essence is simply a buff item that allows you to recharge your powers more quickly. The game doesn't go out of its way to explain this, but it's functionally the same as other Aid items. 

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