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Starfield Temples explained: how to get new powers

How to complete Temples to get new powers in Starfield

The mysteries of the galaxy are waiting to be discovered in Starfield, and you can get a taste of the power they offer by visiting Temples. Thankfully you don’t need to do any Starfield lockpicking to access them, but whoever constructed them didn’t leave clear instructions on how to operate them.

If you’re jumping into your very first temple it’s not obvious how you’re supposed to activate it to get the strange abilities they offer. We’ll tell you how to complete Temples in Starfield so you can expand your arsenal.

Starfield undiscovered temples

Starfield Temple completion

When you enter a Temple, you’ll be thrown into zero gravity, where you can use the jump button to gain height and the crouch button to lose height. Alternatively, if you have Starfield Boostpacks unlocked, you can use that to push yourself in whatever direction you’re facing – you’ll need to use this to complete the challenges quickly too.

Moments after entering the rings in the middle will begin to spin. If you look around the room, flashes of strange energy will start to form into a shape hovering in the air; you have to reach them in time before they disappear.

Do this enough times and the rings will stop spinning forming an opening for you to enter. A short cutscene will play and you’ll get your new power as you’re cast out of the Temple. Be warned that after the first Temple, a Starborn Guardian will spawn and attack you after you complete each one. Make sure you get that Quantum Essence in Starfield by taking them out. 

Starfield Temple locations

Starfield Starborn Temple

While we'd love to point you to every single Temple in the galaxy, unfortunately, most of the Temples are scattered at random. The only exception is Temple Eta from the Into the Unknown Starfield main story quest, which is always found on Procyon III.

You can find Temples quite easily if you dart about the galaxy. As soon as you arrive in a system with a Temple, you'll be notified and given a quest marker. Alternatively, as you progress in your adventure, both leveling up and gaining hours played, you can periodically visit Vladimir, who will use the Eye to point you to Temples.

When you head into New Game+, all of the Temples will reroll the location, but finding them again will upgrade your powers.

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