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Whether you want that fancy new armor or you want to buy up all the Hylian Rice, you’re going to need to make lots of rupees in the new Zelda. Luckily, there are a few tried and tested money-farming methods in TOTK.

Depending on your preferred playstyle, there are a bunch of different ways you might want to make rupees in TOTK, so we’ve listed the ones we have discovered so far.

The best TOTK rupee farming methods

You can find Dondon in TOTK just to the north of Lakeside Stable, shown on this map. 

You can find Dondon in TOTK just to the north of Lakeside Stable, shown on this map. 

Are you more of a chef or a miner? One of the simplest ways to make rupees in TOTK is to cook up meals and mine gems to sell to merchants, but there are ways you can make this money go further.

  • Sell Gourmet Meat Skewers

If you cook five Gourmet Meat in a pot, you can make a meat skewer that sells for over 300 rupees. You’ll have to spend a lot of time hunting for Cold-Footed Wolves and Grizzlemaw Bears up in the frozen wastes by Snowfield Stable (find all TOTK stable locations here), but the payout is worth it. This task is much easier if you have the best horse in Tears of the Kingdom.

  • Sell gems to Beedle

You can find Beedle the wandering merchant roaming the lands of TOTK, and you’ll almost always see him close to a stable. If you spend some time mining ore, you can sell the rare gems you find to him for a higher price than they fetch at other merchants.

The best way to mine ore is to use Flower Bombs or by fusing a rock to a weapon to break open the deposits. Deposits can be found on cliffs and inside caves and wells. Gold sparkles on a deposit are a sign of rare ore.

  • Smack Blupees

You’ve probably seen Blupees in TOTK already. They’re little glowing rabbit things that scarper any time they spot you. If you do manage to sneak up on one, smack it as many times as you can and rupees will literally spill from it as it scampers away. Free money! You can also take advantage of the slow-time effect when you aim while in the air to fire multiple arrows at a Blupee from a distance.

  • Collect Dondon poop

Dondon are large, prehistoric-looking creatures with giant horns and you can find them just over the river to the north of Lakeside Stable. You might be tempted to kill them. Don’t. You need their poop.

If you drop Luminous Stone in front of a Dondon, they will eat it up. Come back in a bit and you’ll find they’ve processed the stone in their guts and pooped out some rare gems. Now, the poop can be anything you find in an ore deposit (including Rock Salt, sadly), but you’ll be able to bag plenty of rare gems to sell to Beedle if you give them lots to snack on.

  • Join the Monster Control Crew

You can find a militia all over the TOTK map that hunts down monster bases and clears them out. Help them in their battles and they’ll give you 100 rupees for every base you clear out. It’s harder work than a lot of the other methods here, but you can bag a bunch of monster parts and weapons while you’re at it. Maybe sell some of the monster parts to make it more lucrative.

  • Help Addison put up the President Hudson signs

Addison can be found all over the world, attempting to erect election signs for President Hudson. Help him to make them stand by using Ultrahand to steady them and he’ll reward you with some rupees.

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