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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is finally out across the world, and it’s just about everything you’d expect from a sequel to one of Nintendo’s best games. While it does share some of its game world with Breath of the Wild, the game is about three times bigger, with heaps to do above and below the land of Hyrule.

To help you navigate your way through this epic adventure of gargantuan scale, we’ve put together dozens of guides, covering shrines, new abilities and mechanics, new dungeons, side quests, and more.

Just look through our guides below for everything you need to play Zelda: TOTK.

General tips and guides

zelda totk yunobo of goron city glhf (14)

Location guides

TOTK Hateno Village

New abilities

zelda tears of the kingdom clues to the sky quest guide glhf (2)

Shrine walkthroughs

zelda tears of the kingdom igoshon shrine glhf (19)

Dungeon walkthroughs

zelda totk master sword glhf (2)

Side Quest and Adventure guides

zelda totk master sword glhf (6)

Collectibles, armor, and more