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WWE 2K24 Persona cards: all MyFaction characters unlockable for play mode

Every WWE 2K24 Persona card that you can unlock in MyFaction mode

One of the biggest complaints fans have had with MyFaction over the years is that many of the new models and characters added for that mode aren’t unlockable in regular play. Things like retro versions of legends like Triple H and The Undertaker have been locked to MyFaction when fans want to use them in all the other game modes.

WWE 2K24 finally does something about this, with a selection of MyFaction characters being unlockable for everyone. Known as “Persona” cards, there are a selection of older characters that you can now put into your game if you unlock them in MyFaction.

We’ll take you through all of the Persona cards available in WWE 2K24 and how to unlock them all.

Sheamus ‘09 Persona card

WWE 2K24 MyFaction Sheamus 09 Persona Card

This retro version of Sheamus looks like he did when he first debuted in WWE, complete with his old Irish rock theme.

How to unlock Sheamus ‘09 – You will automatically unlock the Sheamus ‘09 card during the tutorial for MyFaction mode.

Seth Rollins ‘14 Persona card

WWE 2K24 MyFaction Seth Rollins 14 Persona Card

This version of Seth Rollins from his days as a member of The Shield will be sure to get a lot of fans excited.

How to unlock Seth Rollins ‘14 – This card is a collection set reward, which you get by unlocking all of the following Oddities cards:

  • Big Red Boots
  • Monday Night Messiah Jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Torch
  • Tactical Vest

Trick Williams ‘22 Persona card

WWE 2K24 MyFaction Trick Williams 22 Persona Card

This one isn’t so much a retro version of Trick, as he hasn’t been in WWE for all that long. However, this is his attire from when he was in WWE 2K23 as DLC.

How to unlock Trick Williams ‘22 – Like Seth Rollins ‘14, Trick is a collection set reward, meaning you have to collect the following Oddities cards:

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Boxing Shorts
  • Cuban Link Chain
  • No Mercy Boots
  • Trick Willy Hat

“Elite” Cody Rhodes Persona card

WWE 2K24 MyFaction Elite Cody Rhodes Persona Card

This is an action-figure version of Cody Rhodes, based on his Hell in a Cell 2022 appearance with his injured arm.

How to unlock “Elite” Cody Rhodes – This card is only available in the Nightmare Family DLC pack, which is exclusive to the Deluxe or 40 Years of WrestleMania Edition of the game.

“Elite” John Cena Persona card

WWE 2K24 MyFaction Elite John Cena Persona Card

A model that also featured in last year’s game, this is the action-figure model for John Cena.

How to unlock “Elite” John Cena – This card is available for a limited time via Locker Codes. Check out our list of every WWE 2K24 Locker Code to get the code.