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The penultimate wave of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC is out now, and this wave is intriguing as, not only does it add a new hero, but it adds a whole new type of challenge battle. This mode sees you participating in a roguelike gauntlet, where you can gather heroes and bonuses to beat a series of enemies and win unique rewards.

Now it’s finally out we’ll tell you how to access the new content so you can get started right away.

How to unlock the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC

Before you launch the game, make sure you’ve purchased and downloaded the Xenoblade 3 Expansion Pass from the eshop. Then:

  • Open the game and load up your save file
  • Open the main menu
  • Navigate to the Expansion Pass menu
  • Select volume 3
  • Press Y to receive the content

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: how to start Masha’s hero quest

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Masha

Once you’ve received the content, you’ll immediately start Masha’s hero quests provided you’re far enough along in the story. The Hero quest, called Lapidarist Extraordinaire, is a Level 43 quest that can be gotten in Chapter 5 or later.

Once that’s done you’ll unlock the Lapardist class, and you’ll need to get one character to Level 10 with it to unlock Masha’s ascension quest. You can get this quest by going to the camp in City once you’ve met the requirements.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: how to start the Archsage’s Gauntlet

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Archsage gauntlet

If you’re at Chapter 3 or later in the story, you’ll immediately get the Level 20 quest, More Challenge Battles!, upon receiving the DLC content for this wave. For this, you’ll need to go into the Land of Challenge, which can be accessed near the Llyn Nyddwr Camp in Fornis Region, Full.

You’ll need to complete a time attack mission and then the Archsage’s Gauntlet will be unlocked.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: throwback costumes

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noah in Shulk's outfit

As shown off in the recent Nintendo Direct, you can get new costumes as rewards for completing these gauntlets. These consist of costumes from previous Xenoblade games such as a Nia outfit for Mio or a Reyn outfit for Lanz. Here’s what you need to do to unlock each one:

  • Noah – Rank A or better in Gauntlet: Pro
  • Mio – Rank B or better in Gauntlet: Pro
  • Eunie – Rank A or better in Gauntlet: Intermediate
  • Eunie – Rank B or better in Gauntlet: Intermediate
  • Lanz – Rank A or better in Gauntlet: Beginner
  • Sena – Rank B or better in Gauntlet: Beginner

This will earn you the “Throwback A” versions of each outfit, which are faithful to their original games. However, you’ll be able to find “Throwback B” versions of each outfit in the new Nopon Prize X-Change in the Land of Challenge. These are color-swapped versions of these outfits.