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AEW Champion Samoa Joe weighs in on Xbox vs PlayStation debate

Wrestling world champions still have time to settle video game debates

Samoa Joe won the AEW World Championship a little over a week ago at AEW World’s End, and he’s already using his authority as champ to settle long-running debates.

Xbox and PlayStation fans have been ravenously arguing over which one’s better since Xbox first launched. Some people have got far too invested in the debate over the years and it’s led to heavy tribalism in the gaming community.

The world of pro-wrestling is no stranger to tribalism either. Ever since AEW launched in 2019 toxicity in online wrestling discussions has skyrocketed as people blindly leap to the defense of which company they prefer. This is perhaps why Samoa Joe can see through the hate and point out that the companies involved are all just in it for themselves.

As he says in the above Tweet, his stance is simply to “sit back and shake my head”, pointing out that the console manufacturers are the winners in the end, and that healthy competition between rival companies has benefitted both of them over the years.

As several replies point out, this thought can be applied to the world of wrestling too, as if you replace “Xbox vs PlayStation” in Joe’s statement with “WWE vs AEW”, it still rings true. Still, as powerful as the AEW Champion is in the ring, he can’t go around choking out everyone arguing on every social media platform like he can his opponents – so these arguments will continue to rage on for years to come.

This is far from the first time the worlds of wrestling and gaming have met. Just last week British wrestler Will Ospreay entered in Assassin's Creed gear at Wrestle Kingdom. Plus, video game wrestling signs are a common sight at shows.