Amazon is revamping New World for PS5, Xbox Series X

Better quests! Solo mode! More stuff!
Amazon Game Studios

Amazon is finally launching New World for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, three years after the MMO game first released on PC, and they have a lot of improvements in store. The revamped version releasing for consoles is New World Aeternum, Amazon announced during Summer Game Fest 2024, and it’s releasing on Oct. 15, 2024, with all previous updates and expansions bundled in, including Rise of the Angry Earth.

New World Aeternum streamlines the main quest and adds a broader variety of objectives to accomplish, so it’s not just 60 hours of “go here, kill that,” game director Scot Lane told GLHF in a roundtable interview. You’ll have NPC companions accompany you, instanced challenges turn up in quests now, and they follow a “hub and spoke” pattern that Lane hopes will help players feel more connected to the world around them. 

You can also do all this alone, as New World Aeternum removes required multiplayer instances and lets you tackle all quests and challenges solo. There’s a set of new player archetypes, though Amazon didn’t go into much detail about those, and new-and-improved cinematics to make interactions with NPCs feel more interesting.

Once you finish the main quest, which should take about 30-50 hours less than it did when New World first launched, you’ll have a new selection of endgame activities to tackle. One is a new PvP zone that isn’t actually exclusive to PvP. There’s a set of materials you can use for crafting here, assuming you can make it in and out again without getting drawn into a fight. There’s also a new 10-person raid that sounds like the cornerstone of Aeternum for people who’ve been around since day one, along with new single-player endgame challenges and a new gear score cap.

New World Aeternum features cross-play, so you can team up with players on other platforms, but no cross-progression. If you have a character on PC, they’ll have to stay there, as you can’t take them to PS5 or Xbox.

New players can purchase New World Aeternum for $59.99 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, and if you pre-order any time between now and the day before launch, you’ll get an Azoth wolf mount for use in New World once you unlock mounts. PC players who already own the game will get the Aeternum update for free.

Josh Broadwell