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Elijah Wood, Ashley Johnson headline Among Us series voice cast

Yvette Nicole Brown and Randall Park also feature

CBS and Innserloth announced part of the Among Us series voice cast, and the video game adaptation is a properly star-studded affair. The first four cast members are Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings) as the green crewmate; Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us) as the purple crewmate; Randall Park (Fresh off the Boat, Wandavision) as the red crewmate; and Yvette Nicole Brown (Community) as the orange crewmate.

While we still have pretty much no idea what CBS has in store for the Among Us series, the brief character descriptions almost make it sound like an Office spinoff. Park’s red crewmate, for example, is the ship’s captain, a “blowhard” who “failed upward” and spends a bit too much time trying to please people. 

Brown’s orange crewmate works in HR, and Innersloth calls them a “spineless corporate shill” who would happily fire you over email, mainly because she likes firing people.

Then there’s Wood’s green crewmate, an unpaid intern who’s “just happy to be there.” He’s paid in pizza. Finally is Johnson’s purple crewmate. She’s the head of security tasked, apparently, with being a wet blanket and mistrusting everyone. This is Among Us, so that’s a totally understandable viewpoint to have, really.

Assuming CBS and Innersloth will include every crewmate color, that leaves eight little beans unaccounted for. With production apparently gearing up, though, we'll likely know who they are soon enough.