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Cross progression is coming to Apex Legends next season

Players will be able to merge Apex Legends accounts when Ignite arrives

When Apex Legends’ next season, Ignite, launches at the end of the month, you’ll be able to merge your various Apex Legends accounts into one. 

If you’re like me and you started on PS4 before moving to Xbox where your friends are, it means you can drag everything you earned over to your new account. 

Merging accounts will be mandatory and triggered by a pop-up when you first launch the game in the new season. Whichever of your accounts has the highest level will become the master account. 

Apex Legends Ignite - Batte Pass squad

Respawn promises a painless and straightforward process, and merging your accounts will be mandatory.

Once you have a master account, the game will calculate all the cosmetics and items you’ve earned on your sub-accounts and migrate them over – currency, skins, banners, the works. 

According to the developers at Respawn, the entire process is painless and should be completed in a couple of minutes.