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It looks like Apex Legends might add a swimsuit skin for Loba in the upcoming Sun Squad event. A thirsty part of the fandom has come together in recent months to repeatedly ask Respawn for such a skin to be added, and the developers may actually answer their pleas.

"Ok, here's the deal: if this post gets 10k likes, we'll add the swimsuit skin," the Apex Legends Twitter account posted on March 22, 2023.

It took a mere ten minutes for fans to fulfill that requirement, prompting the account to tweet: "Hit in 10 minutes, y'all are wild. We clearly should have asked for 100k, but a deal's a deal. See you tomorrow."

The Apex Legends community is ecstatic right now, a Reddit post about the topic having earned over 10,000 upvotes and more than 600 comments.

Here’s the thing: The swimsuit skin could be for any of Apex Legends’ playable characters, despite the Loba implications.

While fans have been pestering the developers for a Loba swimsuit skin specifically and such an outfit has potentially been found by dataminers – the images are so low-res that it’s hard to make out details, though –, Respawn Entertainment could have the last laugh by giving legends like Octane or Pathfinder a swimsuit and leave Loba fully clothed.

Users are even joking about it being Fuse in something akin to what popular movie character Borat wore in his movie. And even if the Loba swimsuit skin is real, it’s probably going to fall short of fans’ deepest desires and be rather tame.

Still, it’s good to know that Respawn is using its additional development resources for Apex Legends wisely by officially starting the game’s swimsuit era. That’s a common term among many anime mobile games, which almost certainly release swimsuit versions of their female characters at some point in their lifecycle to keep fans interested – gacha game Fate: Grand Order is a great example of this strategy.

Respawn will likely post the official reveal trailer for the Sun Squad event today, on March 23, 2023. Leaks have pointed towards Loba, Ash, Catalyst, Seer, Newcastle, Fuse, and Mirage getting legendary skins during this event and Storm Point receiving a few changes as well, so there’ll be lots of stuff to enjoy aside from virtual beach bodies.