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Apex Legends Season 20 removes crafting points and changes how replicators work

In Season 20, you will only be able to craft banners, ammo, a medkit, or a shield battery

You won’t be able to upgrade your shield, grab attachments, or get a gun from the crafting machines in Apex Legends Season 20. The upcoming season is changing how replicators work, putting the focus on healing items to speed up the pace of the game.

Replicators have been an important part of Apex Legends for a while now, but they often dictate rotations as teams look to them to top up their healing items, ammo, shields, or attachments. They were the water coolers of the Outlands, if people murdered each other at water coolers. I’m not here to office-shame.

In Season 20, you will only be able to craft banners (if you have a support legend), ammo, a medkit, or a shield battery.

Instead of collecting crafting materials, each person can only craft a single item from each replicator, at which point the machine locks up for them for the rest of the match. No more crafting six medkits to tank the zone, then.

Replicator Options in Apex Legends Season 20

Replicator options in Apex Legends Season 20.

As well as removing the currency and altering the ammo and healing economy, replicators will also instantly cook your items. Choose from one of the four options and there’s a short animation before the item is presented to you for pickup.

It seems like a simple change on the surface, but think about how much this impacts the game. Healing items and ammo are now finite resources. You’ll have to actually think about what you’re carrying and how much you’ll need for the next fight, and perhaps the fight after that.

Replicators won’t become flashpoints for third parties as often, since people can loot and scoot, and they won’t be the lifeline they once were when stuck behind the zone.

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