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Armor Attack is a mecha shooter inspired by World of Tanks

Coming later in 2024
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It’s going to be an interesting year for fans of mecha games, it seems: After Mecha Break, which was revealed during The Game Awards 2023 and is set to become playable over the upcoming months, we got a second contender for the throne in the form of Armor Attack.

Developed by KEK Entertainment, a studio based on Cyprus and containing former members of companies such as EA, DICE, Ubisoft, and Pixonic Studios, Armor Attack is filling a different kind of niche than Mecha Break by opting for ground-based vehicles instead of the versatile machines that are heavily inspired by Gundam and similar franchises. You can watch the announcement trailer below:

Armor Attack features three factions fighting for control over Earth, each using heavy machinery from robots over tanks to wheeled vehicles. They roughly correspond to three different styles of play: Defensively, offensively, and based around exploiting the battlefield for opportunities.

Each vehicle comes with its own abilities, though there is some customization players can undertake to tailor their machinery to their specific playstyle or to fit a certain game mode. Maps are going to have different characteristics in Armor Attack, changing the flow of combat with giant boss enemies, changing layouts, or especially strong strategic points.

“As gamers ourselves, we always wondered why there were not more opportunities to experience the same quality play with friends across all types of gaming platforms,” said Georgy Egorov, CEO and co-founded of KEK Entertainment in a press release. “So, we are making our own ultimate mecha shooter experience for friends to enjoy across PC, mobile and consoles without sacrificing caliber.”

Armor Attack screenshot showing some mechs shooting each other.

Armor Attack revolves around ground-based mechas.

According to the developer’s blog, the game takes some inspiration from World of Tanks and War Robots, which some of the studio’s members have previously worked on.

Armor Attack is set to be released for PC, iOS, and Android in 2024 with cross-play between the platforms enabled. A launch on consoles is planned for a later date. Players can register for test opportunities on the game’s official website.