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Bethesda and Obsidian congratulate Larian on Baldur’s Gate 3 launch

Wholesome vibes for the CRPG’s release
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Everybody loves Baldur’s Gate 3, even Larian Studios’ competitors in the space – memes and congratulations from other game developers are flooding the inboxes of the Belgian studio. Its Dungeons & Dragons CRPG launched yesterday and immediately became the second-biggest release on Steam so far this year, a huge success for a game of this genre.

Bethesda, who are putting the finishing touches on their next title Starfield at the moment, wished Larian a happy launch day and sent over congratulations alongside a note with the release date and some polyhedral dice. Larian initially planned to launch Baldur’s Gate 3 closer to Starfield – and the PS5 version of the game is still set to be launched on September 6, 2023 alongside the space RPG – before deciding to advance the release date by a month, avoiding a clash of titans on PC.

Obsidian, another notable studio with lots of CRPG history, posted an artwork showing one of its own characters pointing a gun at one of Baldur’s Gate 3’s Mindflayers alongside a congratulatory message. Some employees over at Obsidian actually got their day off for Baldur’s Gate 3’s launch thanks to Larian Studios’ special leave request templates, showing that the love for the Dungeons & Dragons game runs deep over there.

A social media account of Remnant 2, the recently released Souls-like shooter also making waves on Steam, posted a meme featuring the infamous bear love scene that went viral ahead of the Baldur’s Gate 3 launch. Alongside the image, the post says: “We get it,” referring to the CRPG scoring a higher player count at launch than Remnant 2.

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