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Crusader Kings 3: Legends of the Dead release date and features – beware the Black Death

Harness the power of history and survive the plague
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Legends of the Dead is the first expansion coming to Crusader Kings 3 this year, launching on March 4, 2024. It kicks off Chapter 3 and a whole new Crusader Kings 3 roadmap that will offer players of the medieval intrigue simulator lots of fresh content. As usual, this includes plenty of opportunities as well as challenges.

Up first is Legends of the Dead, this year’s so-called Core Expansion – and it sure looks like this package will bring about major changes in Crusader Kings 3, as it introduces a much-requested threat into the game: the Black Death. Plague can strike anyone at any time, so you better ready yourself and your realm for its coming. As the Black Death rampages through the world, it leads to major upheaval in almost every aspect of life, which may mean new opportunities for you to exploit – if you survive, that is.

Crusader Kings 3 screenshot of the Black Death spreading over Europe.

"Wait, Black Death is just one of those heavy metal songs the bards are performing these days, right?"

Death is not quite the end in Legends of the Dead, though. Alongside the plague come several mechanics that revolve around creating a lasting legacy for the time your current character will be gone, thus enhancing the control of your bloodline over its territories. Players will be able to commission more detailed epics telling of their family’s legend and harness the Living Legend status with brand-new decisions and events. Reaching this reputation level will also enable you to access legendary construction projects and feasts to further entrench your legend. You can even hire an official court historian to create an official chronicle of your deeds and get bards and poets alike to spread your tale throughout the world.

You’ll be able to enhance your dynasty with two new Legacy branches: A Heroic Dynasty can use the deeds of its ancestors to justify claims, while the Legitimacy Legacy promotes tales of your family being the one true rulers of the realm, strengthening it against outside influences.

Crusader Kings 3 screenshot showing a legend chronicle.

Hire a Court Chronicler to create a lasting legacy for your characters. Truth is optional.

It’s not just the Black Death coming for your characters, though: Additional illnesses like the Bloody Flux, Measles, and Holy Fire may spread and cause chaos. If your loved ones are taken away by these calamities, you can honor them with a new Funeral feature.

Rounding things out is an array of new art for the game, bringing a visual refresh with an “exclusive Map Table, new varieties of clothing, unit models and holding designs for extra flavor.”

The Chapter 3 Expansion Pass is available for $43.98 USD / £38.48 GBP / €43.98 EUR via Steam and contains all DLC from the 2024 roadmap. You can also purchase Legends of the Dead separately via Steam.