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Sean “Day9” Plott is the latest Twitch streamer to get started on developing their very own video game. Known for his digestible breakdowns of complex strategy games like StarCraft and Magic: The Gathering Arena, the analytical streamer has founded his own game studio, which has been fully funded, according to his announcement.

In a post on Twitter, which primarily serves as a hiring call, Day9 wrote: “If you have interest in working with me on a multiplayer PC strategy game, we have job openings for a Technical Director & Art Director.”

Day9 joined Twitch during the early days of StarCraft 2 and made a name for himself as one of the most important strategy game streamers on the platform. He’s a former professional player in StarCraft: Brood War. His first big streaming success was a show called Day9 Daily, in which he’d analyze build orders and strategies and break them down for viewers step by step.

In a short YouTube video about the topic, Plott kept his lips tightly sealed about what exactly the project entails: “This is not a game announcement. This is a hiring announcement. All the other stuff, all the other things, I’m going to pretty much say nothing.”

In case you think you have what it takes to help Day9 realize his video game, you can apply for the positions mentioned above on his website.

This is not Day9’s first rodeo in game development overall: In 2013, Day9 announced he’d joined Artillery Games to make a browser RTS game called Guardians of Atlas, though the project seemed to go nowhere and he left the company again in 2016 without the game ever coming out.

He’s not the only member of the Plott family to work on a strategy game either: Day9’s mother is a founding member of Frost Giant, a studio composed of former Blizzard employees working on a spiritual successor to StarCraft 2 and WarCraft 3 called Stormgate, which is having closed playtests at the moment.