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Following some extensive previews of Diablo 4 that we got to see recently, we now have a brand new trailer, courtesy of Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards.

Unfortunately this is a simple cinematic trailer, so anyone looking for more details on gameplay should look at our detailed Diablo 4 hands-on preview to know more.

The trailer shows off a terrific war, complete with demonic creatures, the heat of hell itself, and bare feet walking on lava. Which, honestly, seems like a bad idea, but I’ve never been in that situation before.

As always for a cinematic trailer from Blizzard, Diablo 4 manages to have some incredibly impressive visual flair, even if fans would’ve preferred to see some late-game gameplay.

Some of the demonic creatures present in the game.

Some of the demonic creatures present in the game.

Diablo 4 has been a beloved PC franchise for decades, and while Diablo 3 was considered to be an excellent game later in its life, it was met with significant controversy at launch, especially thanks to a “real-money auction house” which poisoned the well when it came to earning powerful in-game items. That was quickly removed.

Hopefully Diablo 4 won’t make any similar missteps, but we’ll have to wait until the June 6, 2023 launch date to find out. By the way, that’s 6/6/23. Close enough to the number of the beast, really.