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EA CEO thinks generative AI use can make players spend up to 20% more money on games

Andrew Wilson outlines plans for AI in game creation
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Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts (EA), stated at a tech conference that his company was “embracing” the use of generative AI in game development. He called this era “the most exciting yet” and outlined his thoughts on the technology, which revolves around “three core vectors,” as Tech Raptor reported. These are “efficiency, expansion, and transformation.”

Citing an internal study across EA’s studios, Wilson said the company found that around 60% of development processes have a high likelihood to be “positively impacted by generative AI” when it comes to efficiency. As an example, he mentioned that creating a stadium for one of EA’s many sports sims took six months in the past and now takes around six weeks. He said that it’s not unimaginable that the process can be further cut down to six days in the next few years. His overall goal, he stated, is to make development around 30% more efficient with AI use.

Electronic Arts logo on white background.

EA's CEO is aiming to make the company more efficient and profitable with the use of AI.

Touching on the expansion vector, he named EA Sports FC 24 as an example. It contains 1,200 different running animations for athletes to use, whereas its predecessor, FIFA 23, had a dozen. Generative AI made this increase possible. Wilson said that such expansions of the experience would attract more players in the future – up to 50% – and make them spend between 10 and 20% more money due to “real personalized content” made with the help of generative AI.

As for transformation, Wilson’s thoughts appear to be a little vague and sound like he wants to create a Fortnite-like platform that EA owns and on which users make their own content thanks to AI.

EA recently laid off around 670 employees and canceled several ongoing development projects, including a Star Wars game that was being worked on by Respawn Entertainment. It also plans on halting the active support on a few mobile games in its portfolio.