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One player set a new record for defeating one of the most difficult Elden Ring bosses, with more than a little help from some buffs. Reddit user RS_Lionheart defeated Malenia in 15 seconds on New Game+7, setting a new record for that particular challenge (thanks, PC Gamer).

They also knocked her out of the sky with a frost pot right as she started Waterfowl Dance, and I can’t really decide which feat is more incredible.

RS_Lionheart posted a video of their exploits on Reddit, which is 15 seconds of Malenia fight and roughly 60 seconds of pre-battle buff preparation. While the significantly higher-than-normal stats NG+7 gave RS_Lionheart were surely helpful, those buffs, triggered in the right rotation, were the main reason they could defeat Malenia so quickly.

RS_Lionheart wore the Black Dumpling and inflicted madness to activate its attack buff, then used the Frenzyflame Stone to recover HP while madness lasted. Cragblade and Golden Vow provided more attack buffs. They poisoned themselves while wearing the Mushroom Crown, which, as you could probably guess by now, offers another buff. Seppuku combined with The Lord of Blood’s Exaltation and the mask from White Faced Varre give another big attack increase, and RS_Lionheart topped it all off with the Red-Feathered Branchsword and Claw talismans.

After that, it was time to head in with two bandit swords – a comparatively weak and common weapon in the RPG – and end Malenia’s long, lonely watch. It’s an impressive feat, made even more so by the amount of effort and research that went into getting the timing and combinations just right. If FromSoftware's game has taught us anything in the past year, though, it’s that someone else is probably out there already finding a way to shave even more time off the fight.