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UPDATE: Geoff Keighley has now confirmed that the individual has been arrested.

UPDATE 2: The individual has now been identified as someone that has appeared on Alex Jones' Info Wars, which may give some context to the rant. He has also apparently hijacked the mic at other events.

Original story follows.

The finale of Geoff Keighley’s annual The Game Awards ceremony was incredibly memorable, not just for the heartfelt and genuine speech Miyazaki gave when accepting the award for Game of the Year at The Game Awards, but also for the interloper that joined him on stage.

It seems that a member of the crowd decided to follow Miyazaki and the team onto the stage at the last moment, and nobody questioned who he was, or why he was there.

Luckily the man with the young appearance was polite enough to let Miyazaki finish off his speech via his translator, before approaching the mic, and nobody was prepared for what was said next.

In an accent, he states: “I want to thank everybody, and say that, I think I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton. Thank you everybody.”

As he speaks you can see security calmly, but swiftly approach him on stage. Geoff closes out the night by saying goodbye, and pretends what just transpired never happened. Classy.

We currently have no idea who this lad is, why he decided to make his way onto the stage, or why he said what he did, but Twitter positively exploded with reactions. Some amused, but most of them incredibly confused.

Ultimately, what we’re left with is an incredibly memorable Game Awards ceremony, though perhaps not for the reasons that Geoff was hoping for.