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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree development “is going well”

Yasuhiro Kitano warns that there “is still quite a bit of work to be done”
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Producer Yasuhiro Kitano, who works at Elden Ring development studio FromSoftware, stated at an awards ceremony in Japan that work on Shadow of the Erdtree, the universally acclaimed and record-breaking open-world RPG’s upcoming DLC, is coming along nicely. The expansion’s release still seems to be quite a ways away, though.

“There is still quite a bit of work to be done but it's going well,” the producer said (via Game Watch) as translated by GLHF. Though he didn’t want to specify exactly what players could expect from the DLC, saying “We will talk about the contents of the DLC at another time,” he gave fans a tiny, if unsurprisingly vague, morsel. “Just like Bloodborne,” the developer stated, “it will feature new bosses and fights. Please look forward to the new content.”

Elden Ring expansion artwork.

The announcement artwork for Shadow of the Erdtree.

Everyone’s looking forward to the new content, so we’re already keeping our end of the bargain. Shadow of the Erdtree was confirmed to be in development earlier this year during Elden Ring’s first anniversary.

Everything we know about the DLC comes from the artwork FromSoftware has used to announce the expansion, showing a bleeding Erdtree on the horizon. In the foreground, a long-haired blonde human can be seen riding a horse and observing the spectacle from afar. An array of ghostly shades surround the mysterious rider. Foggy ruins dot the landscape between the two points of interest.

Elden Ring has so far been supported with several updates, which completed a few unfinished quest lines and added enhanced PvP functionalities.

The game was released in 2022 to critical acclaim, sold over 20 million copies so far, and sweeped pretty every awards show in existence, becoming FromSoftware’s greatest hit. The open-world RPG’s story and lore – told not in the traditional manner through cutscenes and such, but purely through player interactions with its world – is the common brainchild of Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. Martin.

Naturally, everyone’s excited for what Shadow of the Erdtree will have to offer in both narrative and gameplay terms.